Lately, I’ve been completely overwhelmed. The unpredictability in the weather is making some of my more troublesome neurological migraine symptoms re-emerge. Rebuilding the blog is harder than I anticipated (surprise!) and I spend a lot of time that I would like to spend writing on the design of the site. I’m coming down with my fourth upper respiratory infection this winter (Yes, I said 4! I think my immune system went into hibernation). The current political climate is adding to my stress level, and probably yours too. As much as I would like to bury myself under my duvet and watch Netflix until the world and my body figure themselves out (believe me, I tried), that’s not what this storm is about.

This storm is about growth, and reinvention. I won’t be the same person I was before, when I finally walk out of it. My blog will be new and shiny (let me know what you think so far!), I will have a new migraine specialist with exciting new ideas (one who knows EDS, because he has it too). I will likely be armed with antibiotics and steroids, and probably still tempted to hide out and watch streaming video, but I will also have new insights and ideas for improving my condition, and that of the world around me.

I will not stand by quietly while the leader of our nation threatens the welfare of people like me (and those with more significant disabilities), and singles out people of a particular ethnicity or religion for persecution. I will not, and neither it seems will many many people around the US and the world who have shown their strength in standing up for true American and humanitarian values. I am inspired by the ACLU, and protesters at the women’s march and similar events. While many people with disabilities are not physically able to protest, there are groups like Indivisible,┬áthat are highlighting actions that each of us can┬átake. They are showing us what this storm is actually about.

Politics aside, whatever it is that you are going through, that is difficult and seems senseless, remember that the storm will eventually pass. You won’t be sure if it’s actually over at first, but when it is, you will be a different person. A better person, with more experience and wisdom that can only be learned from braving the depths of the storm. That’s what this storm is about.