Day 8 – What are your top 5 goals that you want to accomplish despite your chronic illness(es)?

This is a hard one. I had to give up my career as a result of my EDS, but I’ve learned in the year since then that there’s more to life than your job title. There are still a whole lot of things that I want to do – but it feels scary to say them out loud and know that I may not be able to do these things down the line. Here goes nothing:

  1. I want to be a mom. It doesn’t matter to me much whether this happens via adoption, or if J and I have biological children, but it’s important that I not miss out on this part of life. I’m a natural caretaker, and I’ve wanted children since before I can remember. I know that I won’t be the perfect parent, but here’s a secret: no parent ever is.
  2. I want to leave a net positive effect. I know that I require a lot of care and attention, but I also want to know that I have contributed positively to my community. It doesn’t have to be everyday, or all of the time – but when I’m able it means a lot to me to be able to do this.
  3. I want to write something – other than this blog. Maybe even a book.
  4. I want to continue to read everything of interest that I can get my hands on. Particularly fiction. I also want to continue to build my upstairs library – outside of my bedroom, until it’s a place where I can take refuge from the world on the hard days. I know that it makes me a bit weird, but I love physical books. There’s just something about them that’s magic to me.
  5. I want to travel as much as I possibly can, despite the fact that chronic illness makes it difficult for a myriad of reasons.

These may be modest goals, but I think that they would make me very happy. I also think they’re attainable, which any educator will tell you is important when you are setting goals.

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