Last May I was swamped with the end of the year rush as a busy school psychologist. I was also desperately ill. My migraines were worsening, a pattern that would continue through is year – until recently. In October I was hospitalized for intractable migraine. My treatment at the Michigan Headpain & Neurological Institute would eventually lead to my diagnosis of EDS. While I still live with daily migraine, and other complications of EDS (such as recent intensified GI issues) I have so much to be grateful for.

The severity of my headaches has decreased quite a bit. I am back in Michigan today for a follow up, and this is the first time I can report real improvement. Instead of hiding out in the hotel room waiting for admission, or  an outpatient procedure, I was able to explore Ann Arbor! I don’t know if it will last, but I am enjoying it in the moment. My husband and I had a wonderful dinner in the heart of the city last night. I even sampled his margarita (gasp!). We followed it up with a movie, and I was able to enjoy it! I was not wracked with pain from the light and the noise! (It was still there, but it was tolerable, and that’s something big in my world!) We might even go to a museum today!

In case you’re curious here’s what is different this May from the last:

– I gave up my stressful career in exchange for more rest and an opportunity to help one family more directly.

– I found a group of headache specialists (both locally to Cincinnati and here in Michigan) who are willing to work together, and never give up on me.

– I am in physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support my lax spine, and increase range of motion in my neck by decreasing muscle spasm.

– I have a creative outlet (Hi guys!)

Today, I’m enjoying the level of functionality that I’ve gained back and the ability to enjoy more of my day to day life as it comes. I still have challenges to face, and will likely add more diagnoses down the road – but with more information comes the power to work to make improvements in my health. I can do this (and so can you, whatever your challenges may be)! Happy Friday!