The Cast

If you are going to join me on my journey it might be helpful for you to learn a little bit about my family, who I will likely mention a lot.


My husband, “J”, is my biggest supporter. Sure, we get frustrated with each other, and sometimes we fight. More importantly, we laugh a lot too, and we share a unique love. He’s my best friend, my partner in crime, and the Mr. Incredible to my Elastigirl.

The other members of our little family are Kitteh and the Monster. They are mortal enemies.


Kitteh would like  to think what she does all day is privileged information, but let me sum it up for you…she sleeps…and then she moves about five feet before sleeping some more. She makes a great cuddle partner on high pain days!


The Monster is an adolescent good old American mutt. She was stray before turning up at a high kill shelter in rural Kentucky with her mom (a sheltie) and her sisters. We think she is sheltie/beagle/shepherd, but we do not know (or really care). She is full of puppy energy, but is learning to be a good girl! If you are considering getting a cute little puppy like ours, please #adoptdontshop

My parents and siblings are also very important to me and may pop up along the way 🙂